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Cosmic Corgi is a small team based in beautiful Denver, Colorado, that is passionate about animal welfare, specifically canines.  We strive to create trendy human and animal-friendly products, while giving back a percentage of the proceeds to help support animal rescues and our community. Dogs have a way of finding the people who need them and filling a space we didn’t even know we had. Read more about our story here

Our Philosophy

Just as the depths of space are unknown, the future of a rescue animal is unknown. We hope to make a cosmic impact on the lives of rescue animals by donating 15% of the proceeds to select rescues. This will provide the funds necessary to help animals find their forever homes.  We advocate no-kill shelters and believe that every animal deserves the opportunity to live a happy life.

Our Vision

To create fun products and apparel while helping animals.

Our Products

Our products are always of the highest quality! Each product is made to order, which means with all of the possible variations, your product will be truly unique.